Loan for Import and Export Business

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Trusted by over 5,000 businesses across 20+ cities and towns. Loans worth over 500 crores sanctioned so far.

Loan for Import and Export Business in 2023

When it comes to financing an import-export business in India, obtaining a loan is a common and practical option. There are several types of loans available to import-export businesses in India.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for MSME Loan for Import and Export Business?

  •  To avail of an MSME loan for IMPORT EXPORT BUSINESS, the business should be registered under the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006.
  • Any MSME including a startup is also eligible
  • Applicants should be 21  years and above
  • Applicant with good credit score and repayment history
  • The firm/company must have procured all the relevant statutory permissions and licenses to start with Business
  • Import Export Code is a must

What are the Benefits of MSME Business Loans for IMPORT EXPORT BUSINESS?

Lower Interest Rates: MSME loans for IMPORT EXPORT BUSINESS are offered at lower interest rates compared to traditional bank loans. 

Collateral-free Loans: Most banks and financial institutions offer collateral-free loans for MSMEs involved into for IMPORT EXPORT BUSINESS up to a certain amount. This means that Importers & Exporters can get loans without pledging any assets as collateral.

Flexible Repayment Options: MSME business loans come with flexible repayment options, which makes it easier for Importers & Exporters to repay the loan.

Government Support: The government of India has launched various schemes and policies to support Importers & Exporters. These schemes make it easier for Importers & Exporters to access MSME business loans.

What is the MSME Loan Interest Rate for Importers & Exporters?

Interest rates offered for MSME Loans for Importers & Exporters may vary depending on business requirements and the financial institution. It may also vary based on the credit facility and the end utilization. However average cost of interest for Loan ranges from 6% to 13% per annum.

What are the types of MSME Loan for Importers & Exporters?

MSME Loan comes in both Unsecured and Secured form. Further It’s been divided into Fund Based Limits and Non Fund Based Limits.

Fund Based Working Capital Loan:

  • Cash Credit (CC)
  • Machinery Term Loan (TL)
  • Project Term Loan (TL)
  • Export Packing Credit (EPC)
  • Packing Credit Foreign Currency (PCFC)
  • Bills Discounting (BD)

Non Fund Based Working Capital Loan:

  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Guarantee (BG)

What are the Documents Required for MSME Loan for Import Export Business?

  • KYC documents of the applicants along with the firm/company, such as PAN Card, Aadhaar, Udyam, Utility Bills (Water and Electricity Bills)
  • Relevant Business Licenses 
  • Project Report/CMA Data
  • Additional documents, as required by the financial institution
  • Import Export Code

What about MSME Loan without Collateral Security for Import Export Business?

Under Government sponsored CGTMSE scheme, any Import Export Business irrespective of number of years in business is eligible for MSME Loan Without Collateral Security