Cash Credit

Balaji Credit offers financial services to avail Cash Credit (CC) facility to enabling an enterprise to carry out business transactions.

Under Cash credit facility, a line of credit is provided to the borrower on the basis of his projected level of sales, inventories, receivables and cash requirements. This is also known as “Credit Limit” granted by the bank. This facility is operated in the same manner as overdraft facility. This facility is granted for financing current assets such as stocks & debtors/receivables of the firm/company.

It is always advisable for a business unit to avail this limit as compared to mortgage loan since the interest is charged on per day and amount utilization basis. Also a mortgage loan is granted to individual or a company which is more than 3 years old. Whereas we help our new entrepreneurs who have vintage even less than 1 year to avail this limit.


  • Interest to be charged on Utilization basis.
  • Interest to be charged only for number of days the amount is utilized.
  • No Pre-Payment penalty.
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